We predominantly work with strong Graduate and Junior candidates. It is of paramount importance to us to get to know you inside out, what you want and don’t want, what motivates you and what doesn’t, and what makes you really tick! That is why at STEM Solutions, we get to know you over extensive conversations as to make your next career move both right for you, and right for the client. If you are unsure on what you desire for your next career move - no problem! Our team of expert consultants will guide and help you find a position that is perfect for you and your ambitions. So, if you’re a recent Graduate or Junior looking for your dream position, or would like some top advice from experts in the field, please get in contact! 

We will streamline your job search. By fast-tracking your application we do the hard work for you, making your job search simple and stress free.

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We listen to your preferences over extensive conversations. Once we know what makes you tick, we help match you to positions that utilise your skills. With expert interview advice, we help you secure your dream job!

We only assess based on merit

Your skills and attributes are the only criteria we use when assessing your suitability for a position. At STEM Solutions we are proud to be inclusive, assisting candidates from many different backgrounds to secure positions that align with their skills and personality.  

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If you are looking to start your career, or take the next step in your career within the STEM industry, please send us an email with your CV attached by following the link below.

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